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“I love my kids, but they’re driving me crazy…

They’re running my home…

I’m yelling all the time…

Something has to change, but I’m not sure what!?”

We all know that parenting isn’t easy, but did you ever think it would be like this?

Did you ever imagine you’d spend your days yelling and screaming at the children you love?  No one told you that you’d go to bed at night tormented by intense guilt, resentment, and worry about you’re ruining your kids and raising them to hate you?

No one told you your best parenting efforts would fall painfully short and then you’d end up feeling so helpless, so sad, and so completely alone.

You’ve tried it all:

Boundaries. Time-outs.  Rewards. Counting. Punishments.  Nothing works!

Everything feels like a battle: The morning routine, Homework, Meals, Bedtime. Chores. Sibling tiffs. Screen time.  You’re sick of repeating yourself and tired of yelling. Of giving in. Of giving orders.  Of feeling like a failure.  It drains your energy, destroys your peace, and steals your joy.

Something has to change…

You are not alone.  We are here to help you break this cycle!

And it’s easier (and far less stressful) than you think.

Thousands of loving parents have endured the same pain, worry, and desperation
you’re feeling right now—and reclaimed their family harmony
with In Touch Parenting.


ITP, changed my family!

Before ITP my family struggled.  I felt like I just wanted to cry sometimes because I was so exhausted.  My kids were more than difficult, and I was tired of fighting with my hubs. To be honest, I’m tearing up writing this. 

Now, my mornings and evenings run so much smoother. My husband noticed it too! I still have work to do and I need to listen to the rest of your program.  Meanwhile, I taped your listen chart on my fridge.  No more ‘scary mommy.’  I’m pumped and excited because I like being with my kids again—instead of wanting to run away!  Thanks, you’re saving our lives!

Kendra and James Burns

It’s possible to raise happy, well-behaved kids without stress,
fights, or raising your voice—even if you have no patience, no plan, or no clue!  I would know. I had to learn myself.

Hi, I’m Steve Cuffari.

Founder of In Touch Parenting, College Professor, Therapist, Minister, father of two … and “recovering yeller.”

Don’t let my warm smile fool you: Before I learned how to get my two sons to listen, I used to yell nearly every day.

Like you, I never imagined I would become THAT parent … but I was stuck in a vicious cycle:

I’d ask my kids to do something in my nicest voice … and nothing.  I’d ask again… and NO response…

So I repeated myself until I was blue in the face … a-a-a-a-nd THEN…

I’d lose it… and turn into THAT parent.

To make things worse, I used to lay awake at night and worry about ruining my kids… and raising them to hate me and wondered if something was wrong with my kids… or was I just crazy.  

Sound familiar? 

It wasn’t until I and harnessed the science behind connection-focused parenting that I finally understood the REAL reasons why kids don’t listen and why yelling, reminders, and punishment—make things worse, not better. 

What I discovered transformed life in my living room, and it can change yours, too.  I’d love the opportunity to show how.

Just Imagine…


Life without fighting with your kids.


Life without feeling wiped out each day.


Going to bed at night free of guilt and self-criticism.


Waking up every morning feeling refreshed, peaceful, and confident that you’re a great parent.


Children who are eager to do what you ask with little to no objections.


Children who say, “Mama… I love you so much” for no apparent reason. 

It sounds too good to be true, I know.  But every one of these examples comes directly from a real-life member of In Touch Parenting.  I’m proud to say moments like these happen all the time. 

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