If you’re a parent or professional who works with young children, and I could show you how to end your temper tantrum nightmares by giving me just 5 minutes of your time, would you be interested?

“Discover The Simple Way To Handle Temper Tantrums So Your Children Whine less, Listen More, And Develop Secure Attachment Patterns Faster Without Sucking The Life Out Of You Every Day!”

… and if your child doesn’t listen (the first time) in less than 5 days,
you won’t pay a dime!

Keep Reading To Discover What You Need To Be Doing Right Now To Stop Fighting With Your Kids, And Reclaim Your Family Harmony!

Dear Frustrated parent or professional

First things first:  I know what it’s like to be in your shoes and that’s why I want to reach out to you, share my heart, and “make my case” as to why you need to be doing what I’m about to share.

I want to be brief, but with all the challenges you face each day as a busy parent, choosing the correct parenting approach is vital to the success of your children—far too vital to be left to chance.

I know you’re busy and short on time so if you have something better to do, then it’s best that you close down this browser right now.

But if you’re looking for a way to get kids to listen and predictably stop the whining and all the backtalk… like so many of the other parents I’ve helped, then keep reading.

Because I want to give you quick answers and show you a system that’s totally unique, surprisingly simple, and aligned with the science behind effective parenting practices (not grandma’s opinion).

I want you to Imagine waking up tomorrow morning feeling refreshed, peaceful, and confident that you are doing a great job because now you have children who are eager to do what you ask with little to no objections.

Imagine being able to say things like:

“I know how to talk so my kids listen the first time.”


“I don’t fight with my kids anymore because backtalk is a distant memory. Now they respect me, bond with me better, and cooperate without all the drama.”


“I don’t worry about ruining my kids or raising them to hate me anymore.”

Imagine?  You don’t have to anymore…

When you employ a SYSTEM that lays out the simple path to peaceful parenting and happy kids you get to relax, enjoy your family, and feel content because you know (really know) you’re doing a good job.

But, if you are like most adults who work with young children, you worry about doing enough for your kids or doing the right thing.  You want to end the self-doubt, stress, and feeling wiped out each day, but you’re not sure how to make it stop.

I’m Steve Cuffari, founder of In Touch Parenting I can show you how to make it stop!  I did it and so have loads of other loving parents just like you!

I Know What You’re Going Through
Because I’ve Been There…

I remember it like it was yesterday.  About the time my second son turned 4-years old, my children were running my home!  The stress of working two jobs, changing a multitude of diapers each day, and dealing with frequent and intense temper tantrums sent me over the edge.  While other parents were enjoying their children, my family harmony was on the rocks!  To make matters worse…

My Marriage Was Suffering, I Had No Confidence, And I Was Scared.

I vowed then and there to master the art of effective parenting.  I knew this would help me calm the chaos with greater awareness, increased sensitivity, and much more confidence. I also knew that once I got good at this, it would help get my kids to behave, save my marriage, and restore my sanity.  

I Did What Most Successful People Do

I invested in myself and my education.  Although most parents don’t usually do this, I spent the next few years (and tens of thousands of dollars) studying the science behind effective parenting, attachment parenting, and the methods of the masters in human development.  I incorporated their ideas into my parenting style and it came with a lot of painful trial and error, but things started to click.  I slowly and steadily got out of survival mode. As my clarity and confidence increased, so did my energy, peace, and joy.  Thank God!

Then My Family Harmony Returned!

With my newfound “powers,” I was parenting with more confidence and less effort, and I was enjoying my boys again.  Then, others started asking me to teach them the lost art of effective parenting.  The next thing I knew, P.T.A. groups, Mom’s Clubs, and numerous Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS) groups started calling me.

Why This Approach Works

I distilled my 18 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, College Professor, a Licensed Minster (and a dad who struggled) into a 3-step method that’s easy to learn so you reclaim your family harmony in the quickest amount of time.

I tell this story because, even though I’ve been very successful at helping parents like you overcome their challenges, I’m EXACTLY like you in so many ways.

And more importantly, so are so are the hundreds of people who have successfully used the System I’m about to show you today so you can…

Finally get the peaceful family you desire and the respect you deserve…

Regain your sanity so you can relax, laugh again, and feel confident about how your kids are turning out.

Wake up each day, look at yourself in the mirror and feel confident and stress-free because you know, really know, you finally have the family and freedom you’ve always dreamed about.

This is the same System we teach to busy parents from different backgrounds, cultures, and age-groups, to ensure their SUCCESS.

The System I’ll be sharing with you is my way of helping you experience results like these for yourself because… it’s your turn.  It’s finally… your turn!

In just a minute, you’ll read about ordinary parents who are more relaxed and confident about how their kids are turning out thanks to this unique system. And you’ll also read about my remarkable guarantee as well.

But first, I want to share something heartfelt, something that will change the way you think about, influence, and relate to your children.

See if you can relate.

When your children whine, throw tantrums, or refuse to listen it can feel like you’re doing a terrible job.  But you’re NOT the problem, nor is your parenting!

Why Most Parenting Systems
Don’t Work.

The reason why you feel so bad is you’ve been given information by well-meaning “experts,” friends, and family who use parenting methods that science proves to be flawed and ineffective.

You see, when your children misbehave, these “experts” will tell you to either ignore, redirect, or punish your child.  Until now, following this advice made things worse instead of better!  And then you’re left wondering…

Is Something Wrong With My Child, Or Am I Just Crazy?

Well, you’re not alone.

According to Google, over 411,000 parents search online each month for “how to solve temper tantrums.” But that’s just part of the story. In a Time Magazine poll, 58% of all parents found the advice available to them as “extremely overwhelming.” The reason? Trying to weed through everyone’s opinions and deciding which approach is best for your family’s needs is confusing and turns into an enormous TIME SUCK!

I’ve been in your shoes, and I want to help.  I REALLY want to help YOU reclaim your family harmony without the enormous time suck.  Thankfully, there IS a way, a better way, one that’s backed by science…


For A Child’s Misbehavior And “Drama” Is Due To The Hidden
Biological, Psychological, And Social Forces That Drive Those
Annoying Behaviors.

Why am I so certain? Because every semester, when I teach college courses like Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Behavior Modification, I show students how these hidden bio-psycho-social forces interact to produce behavior.

Once you understand how those hidden forces affect young children, you get your sanity back real fast, and something even more powerful.  You experience a NATURAL and IMMEDIATE shift in how you calm the chaos, raise emotionally intelligent children and nurture your family.

Here’s the real truth:  There is nothing inherently “wrong” with you or your parenting.  It’s just that nobody has shown you a simple, step-by-step SYSTEM that’s aligned with science and delivers fast results so you can tame tantrums effectively and live peacefully with your kids again.

In Touch Parenting has helped loads of busy parents with simple lessons that deliver fast results.  These Parents are not any “smarter” or “better” than you.  They were just armed with the right approach that’s kid-tested, and mother approved.

Does A Contractor Build A House
Without A Set Of Blueprints?

Heck no!  He has a plan to lead, guide, and direct his actions so he can tell the electricians and  plumbers where everything goes so his dream home can turn into a reality that he enjoys for life.

So, in a similar vein, what makes you think you can build a family that thrives and has a legacy you’re proud of without the right tools and blueprints?

Really, the only difference between you and me, and our most successful parents, is that we use this “Blueprint” if you will, for giving our children everything they need to become independent little people who thrive so we can enjoy a peaceful home… our dream home!

Yes, Really!
You Too Can Raise Young Children Who
Whine less, Listen More, And Develop
Secure Attachment Patterns Faster
Without Feeling Wiped Out Every Day!”

“Steve, I want to say thanks for a great seminar. I have to admit that I was a bit timid and skeptical about changing my parenting style… But as soon as we got home my five-year-old, energetic son threw a hissy fit. Normally I get pretty upset when that happens but I noticed how much calmer and patient I was when he lost it. What a difference! Your insight and tools really helped!” 

Cathryn, Irvine, CA

“We came out of desperation today. Since we invest in our kids’ sports and education, we knew we needed to invest in their well-being. Your approach was easy to understand AND apply. During the seminar, I found myself saying, ‘Wow, why am I not doing that. That technique seems easy to implement.’ We feel so much more confident about helping our 4 kids become great adults one day. Coming to your seminar reassured us that we made the right choice! Thanks, Steve!”

Regan & Ryan Murray, Westminster, CA

“It’s been several weeks since we attended your seminar, and we wanted to say thanks.  The insight we gained really helped!  We both feel like we have greater awareness about why tantrums even occur.  When our girls melt down we are more compassionate and patient rather than frustrated or upset.  Our confidence has definitely increased, which makes it so much easier to manage those melt-down moments.  Thanks again, Steve, because our new approach has helped bring more harmony to our home!”

David & Ashlee Pixley, Foothill Ranch, CA

“Steve, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your seminar.  I really, really enjoyed it and felt super encouraged!  I feel like my relationship with my daughter has improved!  I’m more aware of why she’s upset and more confident about how to handle it now.  Having that awareness has really helped!”

Signe Schiavo, Long Beach, CA.

““It was well worth the investment!  Discovering the reasons behind why our children tantrum lifted a big burden off our shoulders!  We feel so much more prepared to handle them.  Your stories were very engaging and very relatable.  Great seminar, Steve!”

Erica & Brett Widmer, Villa Park, CA

“Six months ago we attended your Taming Tantrums seminar.  The insights we gained helped us clarify and refine our parent style. It was a great reminder to be intentional and connected parents to our kids.”

Reid and Joelle, Huntington Beach CA.

“Your seminar was quite thought provoking, yet easy to understand. We feel so much more confident now. Thanks!”

Rob & Olivia, La Palma, CA

Since I have 3 young children, your seminar gave me the time I need to focus and think through my parenting style. Your stories were humorous and very engaging. Even though parenting can be overwhelming, I feel more clear and confident in how to handle meltdowns! Thanks Steve!

Christine Taylor, San Clemente, CA

“After our second child was born, our 5-year-old daughter really struggled and gave us a rough time during meals.  Now she stays in her chair and eats without all of the drama.  Bedtime used to be a battle, but now she brushes her teeth and cleans her room with a lot less whining and complaining!  When she tries to talk back and questions me, I’m cooler, calmer and more collected.   With your help, our home runs so much smoother now!  I just wanted to tell you how much you have blessed our family. Steve, thanks again for what you do!”

Mark & Chandra, Ventura, CA

Do Not Buy Any System Unless
It Meets These 5 Criteria…

Listen, there’s a lot of parenting “experts” who claim to know how to put you on the royal road to effective parenting.  It seems impossible to know whom to trust so I want to give you 5 elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest a dime.

1. Does the course give you SIMPLE strategies on ….?

Many programs just dwell on theory but don’t provide easy-to-learn solutions that deliver fast results.  They also don’t give you examples of clients who have used or implemented these systems.  Even more, you should insist on getting simple steps, like “Step 1: Do This…,” and “Step 2:  Do This next…” etc.

2. Does the author have professional credentials and actual experience in the field?

I have just shy of 20 years of “in the trenches” experience in helping adults become AND remain effective parents.  I only say this because the internet is over-croweded with people who have lots of “uniformed” opinions.

3. Does the author use an evidence-based approach?

Beware of the over-confident novice who shares opinion-based parenting (especially on social media) and fails to be aligned with the science behind what are called best parenting practices.

4. Does the system address children with Special Needs?

18.5 % of children in America are “special needs” children, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart, talented, or capable.  An effective system should show you how to manage the basic needs of children with Autism, A.D.D., O.D.D., or sensory issues around things like clothing tags, socks, and bright lights… and make it easy-to-learn.

5. Does the system have a 100% money-back guarantee?

There should ALWAYS be an “out” if the system doesn’t deliver fast results, so there is absolutely NO RISK to the customer.  The system should be free if you are not 100% satisfied with what should be simple and fast results.

If you want to lower your worry, help your family bond, and know you’re doing a great job, even if your child has special needs, you don’t need to search any longer!


How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice!

Taming Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice is the only parenting system with ALL the Tools, Resources, and Guidance you need to be an effective parent in just 15 minutes a day.  It puts you on the simple path to handle temper tantrums like a pro—starting IMMEDIATELY!

But I have to warn you… if you’re looking for a “Magic Pill” that promises to make you the perfect parent with perfect kids and do it with little to no effort on your part…

… Or if you want to push the “easy” button and expect an instant change in your life as a parent…

…then do us both a favor and just forget all about How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice.

But if you’re looking for an easy-to-learn approach that empowers you to create your own parenting style without outside help, then you’ll love this system.

But that’s not all.  We’re also going to give you systems for how to discipline and communicate with children that are aligned with 50 years of scientifically verified methods—things you’re probably not doing in your parenting right now.

Here at In Touch Parenting, we don’t promise ‘miracle’ results… Just REAL… MEASURABLE… ATTAINABLE results, in the shortest time possible.

So if all your parenting has been focused on what’s observable, then it’s not your fault.  That’s what most programs teach you—to focus on behavior—reward it, punish it gently, or just ignore it.

How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice is for folks like you who are serious about EVIDENCE-BASED parenting. 

Of course, transforming your parenting style isn’t “easy” (nothing worthwhile is)—but we cracked the code on the hidden forces that drive temper tantrums and then broke them down into small audio lessons that deliver fast results.

Here Are The Tools You’ll Get That Are
Probably Missing From Your Existing
Parenting Plan:


Know how to love your kids without losing yourself in the process.


Get the clarity and confidence you need so you can relax, ditch the guilt about not doing everything right and stop feeling wiped out each day.


Know how to talk so kids will listen the first time, so you stop repeating yourself or yelling.


Know how to end the whining, so you never worry about meltdowns, ruining your kids, or raising them to hate you.


Know how to end the backtalk, so your children will respect you, bond with you, and cooperate better.


Know how to give children everything they need to develop secure attachment patterns and become independent little people who can handle what life throws at them.

What Do You Get With How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice?

Everything you need to be an effective parent.  Simply and quickly.


Start seeing results immediately! Our quick start guide shows you just how simple it is to achieve your stress-free parenting style on our website.


Simple, 15-minute audio lessons so you can get in, get out, and get on with your day.


An easy-to-follow 40-day plan for peaceful parenting, so you succeed. This simple plan takes you step-by-step through the process and makes taming tantrums so easy; you won’t even have to think about it.  You’ll enjoy your children again without stress, punishment, or a fancy reward system.


Unlimited 24/7 online access, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. Stream your audio lessons from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device and bring your Taming Tantrums On Demand program with you wherever you go.  No CD’s or MP-3’s are required.


A 95-page Success Journal, so you absorb each lesson, simplify your parenting decisions, and get the best results possible.


An easy-to-use Progress Tracker so you can stick to your plan and take your parenting to the next level.


5 “Done-for-you” exercises, so you just connect the dots and enjoy a peaceful parenting style customized to fit your needs.


5 Inspirational memory cue-cards, so you can place them on your refrigerator and stay focused throughout the program.


Daily follow-up emails during the program so you will learn fast, stick with your plan, and see greater results.

I want you to TRY OUT this system today because I walk you through everything you need to know.  Critical areas like:



Age-appropriate expectations

Emotional engagement

Self-care strategies

It’s all here! All you need is the internet to get the family you’ve always wanted.

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Can You Use To Help Reclaim Your Family Harmony Today?

Here’s a sampling of what you get in Module 1: Where is the starting place of effective parenting?

  • We get you aligned with the science behind effective parenting, so you can give your children everything they need to behave better, bond with you, and become independent little people who get along with others!
  • Discover how to get kids to LISTEN THE FIRST TIME so you can relax, stop repeating yourself, and reclaim your family peace,
  • Discover the 3 REASONS WHY misbehaving kids are not your fault so you can ditch the guilt and parent with MORE confidence and LESS effort!
  • Discover how to create the 5 IDEAL CONDITIONS for kids to grow so you can prevent emotional outbursts, arguments, and power struggles without thinking too hard.

If you’re going to crack the code on taming tantrums and enjoy your children more you need clarity and confidence in every situation.  In Module 2, you’ll discover the specific tools you need so you can relax, stop worrying about doing everything wrong, and restore your energy, peace, and joy.  So, here’s what we get into…

See More
  • How to take control of your parenting so you can breathe again.  Trust me; This fundamental lesson goes against the grain; it’s COUNTER-INTUITIVE!
  • The 10 questions you MUST ask yourself so you can relax and parent with clarity and confidence each day.
  • The 6 BEST ways to avoid the harmful effects of family stress so you can RESPOND instead of REACT when children blow it.
  • 5 specific ways to rise out of survival mode, unlock your full potential, and thrive—even in the midst of meltdown moments!
  • The number one technique I USE and RECOMMEND ensuring that you continuously bring your “A” game to parenthood each day

But that’s not all you get.  If you’re going to tame tantrums without raising your voice, you MUST find out WHY they flare up.  And trust me, I know this isn’t always easy.  That’s why one of the golden nuggets found in this 3-step method is asking Why Do Children Act That Way?  This goal of this module is to give you CLARITY so you can stop worrying about meltdowns, screwing up your kids, or raising them to hate you.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover in Module 3:

See More
  • A few Easy-To-Learn basics about how the brain works so you can neutralize any outburst, argument, or fear without all the drama!
  • HOW to respond to stressful situations so your children will become calmer, happier, and more connected to you in seconds!
  • The 3 driving forces behind every meltdown so you can become an A.C.E. and parent with Authority, Confidence, and loads of Empathy.
  • The QUICKEST way to ensure that your child’s brain is NOT ruled by emotion, so you never have to walk on eggshells again.
  • The 3 hidden reasons for why kids get so upset over the smallest things and the SHORTCUT effective parents use to address them.
  • The PROVEN technique that helps children become ready, willing, and able to follow your leadership, especially when they get stressed.
  • The BEST way to get your child to relax quickly.
  • Discover the 2 TYPES OF TANTRUMS so you can handle both like a pro. This lesson is a GAME-CHANGER!
  • Learn how to make your parenting style match your child’s temperament so you can get your strong-willed child to listen faster without any fireworks.
  • 7 key steps to handling any tantrum anywhere.  Another GAME-CHANGER!
  • How to help children put LANGUAGE TO THEIR FEELING STATES so you can redirect their behavior with ease and confidence.  (This is the key to parenting with emotional intelligence).
  • Recognize what’s REALLY driving your bossy and sassy child, so you can parent with greater awareness, increased sensitivity, and get him to listen the first time.
  • Discover the exact steps you can take to STOP BEDTIME BATTLES.
  • Learn how to be THE RESOURCE your children need so you can reclaim your family harmony.

What makes Taming Tantrums even more unique is answering the second question in this 3-step method: “What Do I Want My Children To Learn From My Parenting.” The goal of this module is to give you CONFIDENCE so you can give children everything they need to become independent young people who thrive without thinking too hard.

Here’s a sample of what’s revealed in Module 4:

See More
  • HOW TO BECOME (and remain) A UNITED FRONT so your kids can no longer play you, one against the other!
  • The BEST way to deepen attachment and connection, so kids WANT to follow your leadership.
  • How to use your Single Greatest Parenting Tool right now, so kids are well equipped for what life throws at them
  • Understand AND USE the FORCE that prepares kids for the real world so you can proud of how your kids are turning out.
  • How to SHARE the CONTROL so you’ll raise healthy kids who are WELL ADJUSTED.
  • How to TALK so kids will listen the first time without any drama.
  • How to LISTEN so kids will open their heart’s and TALK.
  • The PROVEN technique that works for children who are defiant, disrespectful, or dysregulated so they will calm down and cooperate much easier.
  • How to speak the Language Of Acceptance, so your children are not afraid to explore and take risks in life.

And of course, this program would not be complete without answering the last question: “How Can I Best Teach This Lesson?  The goal of this module is to focus on mentoring and discipleship so you can raise emotionally intelligent kids and reclaim your FAMILY HARMONY. 

Here’s just a snippet of what’s revealed in Module 5:

See More
  • Popular techniques—how to determine which parenting technique to use during a meltdown (follow this step-by-step process, and you’ll be proud of how your kids are turning out).
  • The SHORTCUT effective parents use to dramatically reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of any meltdown.
  • The natural 3-Step Process to get kids to STOP WHINING and start behaving again and again and again.
  • The best way to NEUTRALIZE BACK TALK so you can tweak your parenting style for calmer, warmer, and more natural results.
  • …and a whole LOT more!

Can You Attach A Price Tag To More
Control, Freedom And Family Harmony?

Sure, you can read hundreds of parenting books, go to countless seminars, buy different parenting courses and “hope and pray” you can put all the pieces of the puzzle together on your own.

But why try to do all of that by yourself when the entire puzzle has been put together for you?

We’re saving you TONS of time, money and frustration here.  If you stop and think about it, hiring a licensed mental health professional to create a comprehensive parenting plan could take a year of weekly sessions to complete and then cost you $3,000-$5,000 all by itself.

So when you invest in How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice you’re essentially buying SPEED and CONVENIENCE.

Speed in the sense that you don’t have to test what works and what doesn’t – you just take all of our materials and put them into practice.

Convenience, in that you can listen anywhere, anytime without scheduling an appointment.  You’re also buying…

PEACE OF MIND knowing that a lot of the “grunt work” of figuring out how to discipline, communicate, and have balanced expectations is already done for you.

Of course, this audio system is aligned with the science of effective parenting, but we took out all the psychobabble.  In fact, we’ve already done the trial and error for you so now it’s just filled with easy-to-learn solutions that are kid-tested and mother approved. All you need is internet access to connect the dots. No more guessing what to do to get your children to behave better when the next tantrum erupts.

Just follow our step-by-step directions, insert your personality, and FREE yourself.

All of this is easily worth $5,000 considering the cost of putting these tools together yourself or working with someone knowledgeable in human growth and development—not your average “expert,” who uses what science proves to be flawed and outdated parenting methods.

But when you act today, you won’t have to pay $500… a fraction of what it takes to hire a mental health professional to help you create a comprehensive parenting plan over the next year.

Although this powerful 3-Step System retails for $249… when you take action right now (while this introductory offer is still posted), you’ll get ALL the tools, resources, and guidance that would cost THOUSANDS all by itself for a lot less with our…

Time Sensitive, Introductory Price!

In just a few days the cost of this product will return to $249.
But here’s the TIME-SENSITIVE news…

Purchase by midnight tonight and SAVE $100!

Just use coupon code Tame149 to claim your $100 savings!

That brings the cost to just $149.  

Or, you can make 3 easy monthly payments of $63 ($189 Total).

Just use coupon code Tame63

Still Not Sure?
Consider this…

If you are like most parents, you spend thousands of dollars each year on your child’s:




Private lessons

Designer clothing


Physical health

Family vacations

… and let’s not forget College, Cars, and Weddings.  Each is important, BUT what shall it profit you if you pay for all those things, yet struggle with:


Your sanity


Your child


Your partner


Your family legacy


Your family harmony

Plus, You Get All These FREE Bonus Gifts If You Act Right Now!

1. Just for Dads—

In this “unplugged” audio lesson we get down to the nitty-gritty about a dad’s perspective on family life, doing the right thing, and how to work in harmony with his wife and kids so everyone thrives.

2. How To Solve Bedtime Battles Without Raising Your Voice—

In this lesson, you’ll get a step-by-step plan for how to choreograph the perfect evening from start to finish so you can relax and enjoy your children without fighting with your partner or your kids.

3. How To End Chore Wars—

In this lesson, you’ll get the nuts and bolts of raising responsible children who WANT to contribute to your family’s needs, really.

4. Instant Access To Our Private Facebook Group—

It takes a village to raise a child, and this one is digital! You get the support you need from me.  Even more, you get a judgment-free zone with like-minded parents and get crowd-sourced answers you can use right away.

5. Weekly Newsletter—

Each week you will get insider tips and resources sent via email designed to help you parent with more confidence and less effort.  (Don’t worry.  If you already have a subscription, you won’t get a second copy each week).

Right about now you’re wondering, “Why is he doing this?”  Why has he written such a huge letter with all these bonuses?”  The reason?  I was in your shoes! I was stuck, frustrated, and felt like I was going crazy when my kids were young.

I HATED survival mode.  It was exhausting and embarrassing sometimes.  I wish I had someone to help me through those formative years.

So, why am I doing this?  I want to help YOU.  I want to put an end to your feeling alone and having to fend for yourself, and I want to join forces with you and help reclaim your family harmony—together!   I know you can do this… I witnessed so many others find success!

Now… if you are like me…  you can be a bit cautious with money.  So, I want to put your mind at ease with our…

100% Happy Family Guarantee:
Get Your Kids To Listen (The First Time)
In 5 Days Or Less,
Or It’s FREE!

As a Licensed Minister, practicing what I preach is important to me. Otherwise, I’m not living a life of integrity—a key factor in being a purpose-driven parent.

Here’s ‘s how it works!

Step one:

Try out the system today.

Step two:

Put it to the test and get everything you can out of it.

Step three:

Be the judge and decide for yourself.

Step four:

If, after 5 days, you don’t feel this program is an exceptional value, or you’re not completely delighted with the results (and I mean delighted), simply ask for a FULL, no questions asked refund.  It’s that simple!

Since there is absolutely ZERO RISK to you, there’s no way you can “mess up” or make a mistake when you give it a try today!

I don’t mean to be blunt, but:

If You Pass Up This Opportunity, You’ll Make The Same Mistakes I Made…
And I Worried About Ruining My Kids
And Raising them To Hate Me For Way Too Long!


You’ll continue with being tired, exhausted, and wiped out each day. You and I both know you wear several hats each day because you cook, clean, help with homework, and mop up intense emotions, and try to maintain a work-life balance.  Not having a System and a clear plan to guide you will drain your energy, destroy your peace, and steal your joy… and then everyone… your kids, your spouse… everyone suffers.


You won’t be clear as to WHY kids misbehave. The second you assume your child is making a poor choice or just being a “manipulator,” you WILL get blindsided by the hidden forces that drive those difficult behaviors… and everyone suffers. I sooo remember those days!


You won’t be securely attached to your children. The single greatest predictor of a child’s success is having a good relationship with him… and having a system that makes it simple to develop this bond is vital to a child’s development—far too vital to be left to chance.


You won’t talk so kids will listen. Not knowing how to stay cool when kids are hot, or how to avoid making empty threats when kids yell, will leave you fighting with your kids—something every parent dreads.


You won’t have discipline strategies that are relational. Hate to say it, but most adults don’t have a parenting style that is kind and firm or demanding and responsive, and it’s mission-critical that you get the insight and confidence you need to accomplish that goal quickly.


You won’t help children regulate their wants, fears, and impulses with clarity and confidence.  Let these “early years” slip through your fingers, and you’ll lose the opportunity to help your children develop better self-control with things like homework, angry outbursts, bedtime battles, and much more!

Don’t let this happen to you. I know firsthand what it’s like to make all the mistakes I just listed and I don’t want you to suffer as I did during those early years.  We’ve taken all the guesswork out—the “figuring out” and the planning—so you can focus on what you really want, enjoying your family to the fullest.  Right now, and in the future.

So If You Need:

More free time

More confidence

Less stress

Kids who listen

More control in your parenting

And your family needs you to be:

More present

More patient

More confident

More relaxed

… and less worried about doing everything wrong

Then invest in How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice today.

You see, many parents arrive at their child’s high school graduation with BIG regrets… not so much about what they did, but what they didn’t do.  You know – opportunities that presented themselves, but they didn’t try ’em, take ’em, or act upon them.

THIS is one of those opportunities.  The opportunity to have the bulk of your parenting plan done for you so you can focus on what you love… enjoying your family each day…

…the opportunity to finally join forces with someone who understands the science, so you never have to worry about how to calm the chaos, raise emotionally intelligent kids, and nurture a family that thrives.

Taking action by trying How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice, applying some of the tools, and taking this system for a test drive thanks to the Guarantee won’t lead to a lifetime of regret.

But passing this up might. (I’m just sayin’…)

I know you can do this…

…so take action…

and invest in How To Tame Tantrums Without Raising Your Voice today.  Your family will thank you for it.


Dedicated to helping your family thrive,

Steve Cuffari, M.F.T. #44845

P.S.  You can read more books, enhance your parenting skills, and learn the latest techniques.  But if you don’t understand how those hidden biological, psychological, and social forces affect young children, you could be blindsided by them forever.

I know you can do this… I’ve met loads of other parents who did it… because I distilled almost 20 years of my life into ONE parenting plan with 3 steps for fast results.  These simple steps will give you the clarity, confidence, and family harmony you are looking for starting today.  This is your chance to reclaim your family harmony and enjoy your family to the fullest, so don’t miss it!

P.P.S.  One more thing; like yourself, I’m cautious about money so I can put your mind at ease because you are fully covered by our happy family guarantee: Get Your Kids To Listen (The First Time) In 5 Days Or Less, Or It’s FREE!  Simply email us or call our concierge’s desk at, 888-316-2556 and you’ll get an immediate refund, no questions asked.

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