Steve Cuffari: Speaker Who Helps Parents and Early Childhood Educators Get Out of Survival Mode and Thrive

As an accomplished College Professor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ordained Minister and sought after parenting coach, Steve brings enormous expertise, insight, and energy to his presentations. In the years that Steve has been a speaker and consultant, he has delivered powerful messages that are rich with humor, insightful stories, and fun exercises.

In every talk, Steve draws upon his love for research, his personal wisdom, and his acclaimed In Touch Method™ to help your audience gain fresh ideas and new perspective so they can calm the chaos, raise emotionally intelligent kids, and nurture families (and classrooms) that thrive.

Since Steve fathers two rambunctious boys with his wife of 24 years, he understands the challenge of raising children in today’s complex world.  Whether you’re trying to book a seminar for parents with toddlers, preschoolers, or grade-schoolers, your group will get an insider’s perspective on how to manage children with more confidence and less effort!

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Steve is happy to design a custom experience if required, including half to full-day seminars. However, sample keynote and working sessions can include the following titles:
Misbehavior vs. Stress-Behavior: How to Handle Both With More Confidence and Less Effort.
Why do children whine, backtalk, or fail to listen?  Is something wrong?  Do they “choose” to act that way?  Or, is their stress load too high as studies suggest.  By attending this seminar, you’ll recognize the difference between your child’s misbehavior and stress-induced behaviors, and how best to handle both without thinking too hard.
The Starting Place of Effective Parenting
Studies on effective parenting practices suggest that if you want your parenting style to be kind and firm or demanding and responsive, it’s mission-critical that you get the clarity and confidence you need so you can accomplish that goal.  Of course, having some accurate knowledge and guidance can really help.  But the critical question is, “Where to start?”  This seminar not only shows where to start but focuses how to become and remain an effective parent—and do it without thinking too hard!
5 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers
Ever wonder what it takes to become and remain a highly effective teacher?  Relax.  This session will show you how to master the five major tasks you face each day in the classroom.  With these five basic skills at your fingertips, you’ll provide the best opportunities for you and your students to thrive.   By attending, you’ll reduce your stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions, and increase the connection with your students.
What 99 out of 100 Teachers Don’t Know About Classroom Management
With the challenges that pre-school teachers face each day, effective classroom management is vital to inspiring a child’s mind and spirit—far to vital to be left to chance.  This session supplies you with new tools to fine-tune how to think about, influence, and relate to your students more effectively.  Whether you are a novice or an old pro, you’ll gain fresh ideas, new perspectives and renewed confidence to transform your classroom environment.
How to Parent with a Brain in Mind
It can be exhausting when young children to throw tantrums, fight, or sulk in silence. Thankfully, there is a proven way to calm the chaos, get out of survival mode, and help children thrive. It’s called parenting with the brain in mind. By attending you’ll learn how to neutralize any outburst, argument, or fear—and do it without all the fireworks. By applying these evidence-based principles, you’ll nurture your kiddos’ emotional and intellectual development so they become calmer, happier and cooperate more!
Parenting with Emotional Intelligence
A few short years.  That’s all you have to help your children understand the strong role that emotions play in how to regulate and express their wants, fears, and frustrations.  Use that time wisely and you raise children who will thrive emotionally.  However, let that precious time slip through your fingers, and you’ve lost your opportunity… maybe forever.  In today’s demanding world, raising emotionally intelligent children is vital to their success—and so is this seminar!  It’s the ultimate source for anyone needing hands-on knowledge about how to help kids deal with big emotions.  By attending you’ll learn how to talk so your children will become less impulsive.  You’ll also learn how to help your children develop better self-control with things like homework, angry outbursts, bedtime battles, and much more!
How to Tame Tantrums Without Stress, Punishment, or a Fancy Reward System
Ever notice how frustrating it is when your little angel acts like the devil?  He fusses over food, toys don’t get picked up, he says “no” to your requests, and bedtime rituals become a battle.  And that’s just the beginning—no matter how hard you try, your best efforts produce a child who is a pro at throwing tantrums. The good news is that this seminar will show you how to make your parenting style better, warmer, and more fun again. You’ll learn how to disarm your preschooler from some of the most common battles.  Even more, you will learn how to be the warm and empathic resource your children need to prevent emotional outbursts, arguments, and power struggles.
How to Raise Children Without Raising Your Voice
Relationships are fragile.  Words can cut like a knife and can rupture the bond of trust between a parent and child.  In this seminar, you’ll concentrate on practical techniques. You’ll leave knowing: 1) How to stay cool even when you are upset, 2) How to respond if your child starts yelling, and 3) How to avoid making empty threats. Don’t miss this chance to 1) develop a parenting style that reduces your day-to-day worry, 2) helps your family bond, 3) prepare your children for life the real world, 4) and helps you relax and know you’re doing a great job!
Parenting With One Voice
When parents disagree on parenting everyone starts to suffer.  You and your partner may have your differences, but if you’re not a united front, then children learn quickly how to “play” you, one against the other.  If this happens then family stress builds, children become unhappy, and you start looking for a therapist.  Or, worse yet, separation and divorce become an option!  Thankfully, this seminar helps you reduce the variations in how you and your partner interact with the children!  By attending we’ll help you get out of survival mode so you can become and remain a united front and thrive again!
How to Love Your Children Without Losing Yourself
Ever notice how hard it is to maintain a healthy balance between family, yourself, and work?  It’s normal to feel torn and conflicted—caught up in the demands of your complex life.  By attending, you’ll gain the tools and the help you need to restore a healthy balance in your life as a busy parent.
How to Teach Responsibility Without Warnings, Threats or Reminders
Have you ever warned, lectured, and reminded your child to be responsible over and over again?  When children remain irresponsible, it’s tempting to get upset and resort to threats and intense lectures to motivate them.  By attending, we will help you develop responsible children without all the warnings, threats, or constant reminders which will help restore your energy, peace, and joy.
How to Get Un-Plugged from Your Parents and In-Laws
Do your parents or in-laws drive you nuts at times?  Do they meddle in your business or overstep their boundaries? They want to help.  But do they to offer support that’s outdated or doesn’t match your parenting style?  By attending, you’ll gain fresh ideas and new perspectives on how to get the support or space you desire and deserve from your parents and in-laws—and do it in a peaceful and calm way.
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Praise for Steve Cuffari as a Speaker

“You were rated number one in over 75% of our year-end mom surveys for favorite speakers!”

Jenn Papale, M.O.P.S. Speaker Coordinator, Grace Lutheran, Huntington Beach, CA 

“Thank you so much for your time today! So many women came up and shared how much they learned and appreciated you!”

Jennifer Price, M.O.P.S. Speaker Coordinator, Olive Branch Community Church.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! The moms loved you and we all left the meeting feeling lighter, reassured, and encouraged. We would love to have you back again! I will talk to Father Jim and see what we can arrange.”

Sarah Mathis, M.O.P.S. Speaker Coordinator, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, San Clemente, CA

“Steve was so relatable as he spoke to the young families in our church about ‘How To Raise Your Children Without Raising Your Voice.’ He challenged us to remember the attachment needs of our kids by staying “in tune” and connecting with them even during times of misbehavior. Our group could identify with the real-life scenarios that Steve used which made for a lot of laughs. We walked away that night encouraged with a deeper understanding of how we can be more intentional in our actions as parents. We look forward to having him back for the third time!”

Kristi Cox, M.O.P.S. Coordinator, Richfield Community Church. 

“Steve, each time you have presented to our group, you help us take the guesswork out of parenting and helps us stay connected to our loved ones in the process.  Our group really enjoys your Q & A sessions at the end of each talk because they are filled with tips that we can use right away.”

Heather Goren, M.O.P.S. Coordinator, Mariners Church, Irvine, CA 

“Steve’s witty style and firsthand experience, combined with his research-based approach to raising kids, makes for a knockout presentation.  Many of our members approached me after Steve spoke and told me how much they enjoyed his presentation.  We learned a lot and laughed along the way.”

Kirsten Pert, M.O.P.S. Coordinator, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA 

“Steve, thanks so much for talking to our lively group about why kids tantrum—and what to do about it!  Your insight and understanding of early development make raising our preschoolers so much easier! Since your talk, I noticed that I’m much more patient and approach my children with much more compassion. I’m grateful for the wisdom and insight you shared. You are such an amazing, dynamic and funny speaker.  Thanks!!”

Ashley Cook, M.O.P.S. Coordinator, San Clemente Presbyterian, San Clemente, CA 2015 

“Steve’s straightforward, common sense advice on discipline was a great help for so many of our moms.  Steve offers advice on not only how to strike the important balance between firm and loving discipline, but why it’s so important.  He helped us all see the big picture when it comes to raising our children and equipping them to head out into the world as respectful, self-assured, well-adjusted young people.”

Meredith Peterson, M.O.P.S. Co-Coordinator, San Clemente Presbyterian, San Clemente, CA. 2011 

“Steve’s insightful and straightforward talk about “How to Get and Stay Connected with your Partner” spoke directly to the heart of the women in our MOPS group.  The mothers at my table were excited to utilize the strategies Steve touched upon at home and share that information with their spouses.  The advice he shared was relative, practical and encouraging and presented with enthusiasm and humor.  Many of us walked out ready to give our spouse a hug, or ask for one!”

Megan Reece, MOPS Speaker Coordinator, Presbyterian Church of the Master, San Clemente, CA.  

“Steve, thanks for speaking to our moms about balancing two important elements in parenting—discipline, and connectedness.  We really enjoyed your humor and expertise!”

Carolyn Lyn, M.O.P.S. Coordinator, First Christian Church Huntington Beach, CA.  

“Steve has taken evidence-based research and solid principles of child development and organized them into an entertaining and education time of equipping parents.  He asked thought-provoking questions and then gave us the tools to help us answer them ourselves.”

Margie, Ventura, CA 

“Steve makes parenting easier each time he speaks at our church.  The last time Steve spoke to our group, the topic was ‘How To Tame The Tyranny Without Stress, Punishment, or a Fancy Reward System.’  It was funny, insightful and packed with practical advice.  I strongly recommend having Steve speak at your church or organization!”

Kimberly Corfield, Co-Coordinator, Newport Mesa Church M.O.P.S., Costa Mesa, CA. 

“Our group enjoyed having Steve speak… for the fourth time!  We have nothing but positive feedback from our moms and our leaders about his presentations.  Many of our moms said they could have listened to Steve speak all day.  His strategies were timely, practical, and could be adapted for kids of all ages.  Even now, days after the event, we are hearing how moms are implementing Steve’s strategies and sharing what they learned with others outside of our group.  Steve is well-spoken, knowledgeable, and relatable.  We look forward to having him every time he speaks to our moms!”

Dawn Zapata, Director of “The Mom Connection” at Friends Church, Yorba Linda, CA. 

“I attended Steve’s parenting seminar and left with a fresh approach to parenting. I learned effective strategies for connecting with my boys and handling resistance, along with many other topics. I guarantee you will walk away with tools you can start using with your kids right away!”

Heather Bethmann, Former Mom’s Club President, Foothill Ranch, CA.

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