Transform Your Parenting in 2019

I have a story for you today that will help transform your parenting in 2019.

During my early years of parenting, I invested in myself and my education and let me tell you it was one of the best things my wife and I did to transform our parenting—and life in our Living room.


Because during the process I learned:

  1. What science revealed about best-parenting practices.
  2. How best to implement those practices?

First of all, this simple move put me very different parenting path. It helped me develop, refine, and test what I now call the In Touch Approach to parenting.

If you want to transform your parenting in 2019, keep reading!

So many parents follow their gut instincts and well-meaning “experts” family and friends—and get blindsided by the hidden (and powerful) forces that drive a child’s annoying behaviors. In the end, nothing changes and their left wondering:

Am I just crazy?

Or, is something wrong with my child?

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? Or, you had some success as a parent, but it was nowhere near your goal.  If your parenting style is not producing what you ultimately want, then chances are you’re missing one of three components…

There are 3 parts to transforming your parenting style, a trifecta if you will.

The first piece of this trifecta is to identify, understand, and change the events that trigger your kiddo’s unwanted behaviors—before they occur.  These are the “antecedents” to any behavior. These antecedents are the “A” in what I call the A-B-C’s of Transforming Your Parenting. These simple A-B-C’s outline your proven road-map for getting fast results in your parenting so that you can enjoy your family to the fullest in 2019!

Using the A-B-C’s not only gives you clarity in your parenting, but it also gives you confidence because you’re not just winging it. You’ve got a method that works; a method that’s evidence-based; a method aligned with the science of best parenting practices!

A Point To Ponder

If you are going to transform your parenting in 2019, then name one behavior that you can stop so you can get rest you need each day.  I’m going to stop putting the needs of others before my own.  Also, name one behavior that you can start today to ensure that you have the daily energy you need to be an effective parent each day? I’m going to go to bed at an earlier hour so I can wake up rested each day.

Author: Steve Cuffari For many, Steve Cuffari is the mentor that parents call on to make their parenting style warmer, easier and more effective. He is the founder of In Touch Parenting, a company devoted to helping today’s parents calm the chaos, raise emotionally intelligent kids, and nurture families that thrive.         read more about Steve Cuffari here…


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