Last week I spoke with a concerned mom whose child really struggles with change, especially while traveling.  Her question was simple, yet pointed:  “How do I maximize the joy and reduce the tears and tantrums during my vacation?  Here was my response…

Give him a vacation warning

Leaving the comforts of a familiar home and going somewhere new can be quite scary for youngsters.  To help ease things, try showing him pictures of where you are headed well before you start the journey.  (“This is where we are headed.”)  Don’t worry about how professional it is.  You can pull out an old picture book or simply pull up photos on your phone.  If you have an artistic side, then make it fun and sit down with your little guy and draw it out for him.  Drawing with you will help any child conquer their fears of the unknown.  Even more, it will help him anticipate what’s ahead and get excited.  Seeing people, places, and things will help him warm up to the idea of “going there.”

A Point To Ponder

Talking to kids in advance is the key to getting kids to manage the big emotions that often overpower them when traveling to new places.


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Steve Cuffari

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