The Secret To A Peaceful Morning

It’s back to school time again.  With young children, unlocking the secret to a peaceful morning can be a real chore.  Sometimes it involves being patient and finding your compassion while your little one throws himself on the floor or screams loud enough to wake the dead.  However, if you are like the rest of us, then you’ve probably wondered in those moments what you did to deserve such a “terrible” child.

In the past articles, I shared several tips to help end morning madness and avoid all the mayhem. Since so many of you commented on them, I decided to review them before I reveal the most effective tip in today’s article.
  • Prepare the night before.
  • Get them to bed earlier.
  • Get yourself to bed earlier.
  • Use routines to make transitions easier.
  • Get up 10-15 minutes before you kids do.
  • Focus on emotional connection, not just getting out of the house on time.  
  • Make sure that you devote 5 minutes to relaxed, quiet time as they wake up.
 Okay, now for today’s article…

The secret to a peaceful morning rests in how you relate to children during each activity.

In order to relate well, be sure to stay mindful that kids need your help as they start and complete their morning tasks.  For example, make sure you avoid barking out orders like:
  • Get up!
  • Brush your teeth!
  • Put your shoes on!
  • Put your lunch in your backpack!
  • Get in the car!
  • Buckle your seat-belt!

Although each of those tasks is important, the key is to help him move through the morning routine and remain cool, calm, and connected to you.  For example, you could bring his clothes downstairs with you and ask him to get dressed next to you while you’re feeding the baby.  That would give you a chance to acknowledge him:  “I notice you picked your favorite shirt.  You like that shirt….You’re working so hard on putting your shoes on… You’re are doing such a good job of being mommy’s helper as you get dressed.  Thanks.”  

A Point to Ponder

Don’t forget that getting dressed is your priority, not his.  As such, he’s borrowing from your ability to plan well and problem-solve effectively so he can stay on track. Even more, your presence and the connection that it creates are what actually motivate him to stay on task… and create a peaceful morning.


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