How To End Morning Madness

Want to end morning madness?  With the school year back in session, it can be a real challenge while getting your kids ready, getting yourself ready for work, and still getting out the door on time.  Sound familiar?  The bad news is that offering choices, making the morning routine into a game, or preparing everything the night before does not guarantee that the morning will run smoothly.  Although these strategies can offer enormous help, sometimes the needs of children and parents still collide. 

Every youngster is different.  Most need some transition time from sleep to full activity.  That’s why most youngsters resist feeling rushed.  

Since there is no “magic wand” for getting out of the house on time, it may be a good idea to re-frame your ideas around the morning routine.  Here is what I mean:  does your job have more to do with getting connected to your children or getting out of the house on time?  How you answer that question makes a huge difference in the emotional climate in your livingroom.  One perspective fills up their “love tank,” and the other tends to empty it.

So How Do You End Morning Madness?

Here are three key strategies for how you end morning madness and still send your kids off to school each day with a full dose of “I love you” in their love tank:   

Get them to bed earlier

Sleep-deprived children will always struggle.  If you have to wake children by constantly reminding them to “get up,” then odds are they are not getting enough sleep that they need each night.  Remember, a rested brain is able to function at its best.  A sleep-deprived brain tends to malfunction all day long.

Get yourself to bed earlier

If you are hitting the snooze button several times each morning, then you need more sleep (sorry).  If you are sleep-deprived, then your ability to manage stress decreases, your memory suffers, your concentration fades, your decision-making falters, and your motor skills will decrease … and that’s just the beginning. When you are sleep-deprived, mood swings increase, and then everyone around you tends to suffer!  When you are at your best, your energy level, emotional engagement, and patience are high. 

Create more space 

The key is to get up before your children do.  Doing so helps you get centered and ready for your day without having to manage others.  Getting up a good 15 minutes earlier can give you the head start you need to be successful each day.  It will help you stay relaxed, focused, and far more responsive to your children when they wake up. 

A Point to Ponder

Take a giant step today.  Make sure that everyone in your family gets the rest they so desperately need.  It will help your children feel loved as they venture off to school in a timely manner.  And it will help put an end to the morning madness! 


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